About us

Company Profile

Company Name
Nakamoto & Associates
February 1998
(business commenced in 1993 as part of Nakamoto International Accounting Office)
100,000,000 yen
Tokyo Head Office
5F Kojimachi Miyuki Building,
3-4 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0084 Japan
+81 3-3234-0399
Qualifications and Awards
  • 2020 Certificate of appreciation by Oracle Japan (equivalent to Excellence Awards)
  • 2019 Oracle Excellence Awards (ERP Cloud)
  • 2019 Oracle Cloud Excellent Implementer (ERP Cloud)
  • 2019 Oracle Excellence Awards (ERP Cloud)
Board of Directors
Representative Director Eiko Nakamoto
Managing Director Katsumi Matsuyama
Director Hideto Chino
Director Mariko Akizuki

Greetings from President and CEO

Greetings from the Representative Director

The history of our ERP business dates back to 1993. Since then, Nakamoto & Associates have supported the rebuilding of enterprise systems for accounting, logistics and manufacturing amongst industry-leading companies as well as young companies that are growing rapidly. We learn more about these systems through our work, and we will return these insights to our customers through better service. The Company has observed the essence of consulting service, “personal growth → improvement of consulting ability → better service to clients,” and we have been repeating this process relentlessly. Therefore, I can say with confidence that our strength is our human resources.

We strive to maximize the potential of our staff through policies such as hiring people without regard to their previous jobs, assigning tasks with an emphasis on human resource development, and giving opportunities to young people to work overseas. I have learned that once a person extends their abilities, he or she will be motivated to further their career, broaden their horizons, and develop their ethics and willpower through the struggles they face. All N&A people practice diligence every day in striving to make every customer contact a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Eiko Nakamoto Representative Director

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our customers are leading companies in their respective industries, so we take on a great responsibility in building and operating their enterprise systems. Therefore, we are working to strengthen our governance systems based on our conviction that “sound and secure management” is necessary to provide stable high-quality services on a sustainable basis so that our customers can engage in their businesses with peace of mind.

Audits and Reviews

To further strengthen and secure internal controls, we conduct IT security audits, project-specific soundness reviews, and ISO internal and external audits.

Enhancement of management functions

We regularly conduct internal audits and financial audits as part of our efforts to strengthen the functions of our administrative departments.