Oracle SaaS

Private clouds place almost the same burden of system maintenance and management of the information systems as on-premises. Oracle ERP Cloud, which is a complete SaaS, Oracle handles of all system maintenance and version upgrades. With business functions ranging from sales promotion, supply chain, project management to accounting, Oracle ERP Cloud has ensured its position as the standard ERP for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Nakamoto & Associates, which commenced the ERP cloud business in 2015, has deployed systems in a variety of industries and companies in Japan and abroad. We have implemented CX, maintenance contract management, facility management, project management, and transportation management systems, in addition to manufacturing, logistics, and accounting systems, and we have delivered the benefits of using Oracle with full coverage to our clients. Whether you are switching from a legacy system that you have been using for years, ERP developed by another company, or Oracle EBS or JDE, we will ensure a trouble-free and successful transition.

Fit to Standard

Nakamoto & Associates offers implementation services to achieve Fit to Standard on ERP Cloud systems with standard functions.

One of the goals of companies implementing ERP is to “reform business operations by using standard functions.”
However, we often hear concerns such as, “In the end, will the project being led by the implementation vendor increase the cost of building the system?”. But this is not the case.

There are two reasons.

First, since the on-premise era, we have been providing implementation consultancy that maximizes the use of standard functions in the Oracle ERP packages, which is unusual in the industry. Second, while Oracle cloud services are feature-rich, they are not as complex for users and have a much lower maintenance and management burden than private clouds.

Oracle JDE/EBS

JD Edwards and E-Business Suite are our most focused services.
– Version upgrade and change of vendors responsible for maintenance
– Expansion to group companies
– Migrating the platform to the cloud
– Switching to Oracle SaaS (ERP Cloud)
To help ensure your continued use of Oracle ERP, your consultant will assess the current situation and suggest improvements.

Oracle ERP Managed Service

Over a quarter century we have addressed needs of various Oracle ERP users. Nakamoto & Associates also provides 24/7 managed service for unstoppable operation site and Global Support that covers all time zones. IT team and users of Oracle ERP running SaaS, private cloud or on premises can be released from burden of ERP managed work and focus on everyday operation.



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Software Development

Software Development

Nakamoto & Associates is a partner for a one stop-service that
can design, develop, and maintain unique capabilities in the cloud: