Supply Chain Management: SCM
  • Visualization
  • Standardization
  • Digitization
  • Elaboration of forecasting
  • Elaboration of Production Planning
  • Sophistication of procurement
  • Globalization of KPI
  • Inventory reduction
  • Digitization of warehouse operations
  • Advancement of cost management

Supply Chain Management:

We support the business reform of supply chains from demand forecasting through to planning, procurement, production and logistics. We also have a great deal of experience in visualizing and improving the efficiency of global supply chains within corporate groups through business reforms and implementation of enterprise systems for their headquarters in Japan and overseas factories and sales offices.
In addition to our expertise and knowledge of operations and diverse system solutions, we provide services that are close to our customers by doing the “hard work” from the perspective of the front-line users in various countries, and by exercising our coordination skills as a bridge between the headquarters and offices in other countries. We will strongly promote digitalization and fundamental business reforms, including the "smart factory” "digitalization of logistics operations."

Sales Activities
  • Visualization and sharing of leads
  • Improvement of sales efficiency
  • Speeding up business processes
  • Analysis of customer attributes and behavior
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Strengthening the sales force

Sales Activities

We will promote Digital Transformation in Sales (DX in Sales), which visualizes sales activities, increases sales productivity through the use of digital technology, and connections with other departments and customers through data. DX in Sales evolve the processes from lead generation through to preparation of quotation, proposal and receiving order. Also, it is used for analyzing customers by building an information infrastructure installing the tools Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The goal is to establish these operations that utilize the DX in Sales. Nakamoto & Associates provides consulting services with understanding of your sales organization and activities, develops a business process using cutting-edge terminals and systems, and accompanies the client through the process of establishing the system.

Accounting and Finance
  • Accelerated financial closing
  • Streamlining
  • Standardizing
  • Paperless operations
  • Advancement of budget management
  • Elaboration and sophistication of cost management
  • Visualization of overseas offices
  • Rapid consolidation of operations

Accounting and Finance

We help you to standardize the work of your accounting and finance departments by sharing case studies of other companies and trends in the world, and support the streamlining and digitization (paperless) of your operations. In management accounting, multidimensional analysis, budgeting, and cost management, our experts specializing in business management provide consulting services.
Global-scale transactions of corporate groups complicate financial accounting, and their management accounting requires complex multi-axis analysis and forecast management. Our consultants, with their knowledge of group and head office accounting operations and their expertise in various system solutions, can help you achieve these goals.

Visualization of Management
  • Budgeting
  • Budget vs actual analysis
  • Budget management
  • Cost management
  • Development of financial strategy
  • Development of investment portfolio
  • Future profit and loss simulation
  • M&A Advisory

Visualization of Management

N&A supports the digitalization of mid-to long-term management planning, annual budgeting, and forecast against actual analysis. Whether you are promoting digitalization for the entire group, including overseas offices, or just for the head office or a specific business unit, we can help you with digitization for a variety of organizational processes. During digitalization, expertise built up over many years is necessary to comprehensively understand the issues that need to be considered, such as reviewing the parameters of budget analysis, how to analyze budget vs. actual, and being aware of the assumptions of the enterprise system which has actual data.

Industry-specific Projects

Industry-specific Projects

Based on the knowledge of various industries accumulated through more than 200 projects since our establishment, we strongly promote the implementation of enterprise systems and business improvement for our customers.

  • Banking and other financial services

    Banking and other financial services

  • Automotive and automotive parts

    Automotive and automotive parts

  • Electronics


  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

    Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

  • Chemistry


  • Assembly, processing and manufacturing

    Assembly, processing and manufacturing

  • Construction and engineering

    Construction and engineering

  • Retail and wholesale

    Retail and wholesale

  • Food and food service

    Food and food service

  • IT and software development

    IT and software development

  • Energy and resources

    Energy and resources

  • Entertainment


  • Real estate

    Real estate